The first video game for PCs had 8-bit graphics, and modern video games boast the most advanced graphics. Today, gamers can play games using voice recognition, which isn’t new, and even a computer can recognize your voice. You can use this technology to play games without controllers. The next breakthrough in advanced gaming technology is expected to occur in 2022. If you’re a gamer and want to become more competitive in the gaming industry, check out these innovations in gaming technology.

Gamer-friendly applications are a major aspect of gaming technology. Video game producers are continually striving to make their applications as user-friendly and as useful as possible. They have even held huge contests to create new game applications. A few other advancements in gaming technology include 3D scanning, facial and voice recognition, cloud-based gaming, wearable gaming, VR and AR technologies, and mobile and online gaming. The next generation of gaming technology will improve our experience on the go.

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