If you’re wondering how technology is changing the world of home services, you’ve come to the right place. As we all know, the Internet is becoming more connected. Today, 95% of Americans have access to 10 Mbps, and 80% can get 1 gigabit speeds. Embedded devices are now connecting every day objects to the Internet, providing smooth communication between people, things, and processes. One sector that has been affected by IoT is transportation. For decades, a major challenge for transportation was the lack of technology, but in recent years, it has changed the face of transportation. Many problems related to traffic, parking, and congestion can now be solved thanks to a network of connected objects.

Telehealth services, for instance, are increasingly being provided at home. Telehealth care services, such as primary and specialty care, provide an alternative to in-hospital care. Telehealth solutions can also be used for remote monitoring and dialysis. Remote monitoring services are becoming more sophisticated, and even assisted-daily-living assistance is now available to anyone. And telehealth solutions are enabling more caregivers to get the help they need at home.

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