Android updates continuously bring new ways for you to express yourself, stay organized and complete tasks on your phone + tablet, Wear OS smartwatch and vehicle with Android Auto. See texts more clearly by dimming down your screen extra dim. Easily manage app permissions using new quick settings controls; listen to text descriptions of images either online via TalkBack designed specifically for blind and low-vision communities.

1. Enhanced Security

Android keeps you safe and in control with easy-to-use, powerful privacy features that provide greater visibility into when apps are using your microphone and camera, and stronger controls for managing permissions device-wide. Plus, bold font display options help make text easier to see more clearly on screen.

Lookout on Pixel phones helps simplify life with auto-generated AI descriptions of photos and online images that appear within apps or are sent as picture messages, while on cars compatible with Android Auto, drivers can now get a summary of long texts or busy group chats while they drive.

3. Enhanced Multitasking

Android smartphones, tablets, Wear OS smartwatches and Google TV devices are receiving many new features designed to be expressive, helpful and accessible. Blind and low-vision users can now listen to auto-generated text descriptions of photos, images on apps or websites and picture messages delivered using TalkBack; reply during phone calls using text read aloud; view their calendar at a glance; new extra-dark settings make screens easier to see; while a window magnifier allows zooming on a specific part of the screen.

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