Apple’s second-gen AirPods are the next generation of its famous wireless earbuds. Designed to fit comfortably in your ears, the new AirPods feature improved noise cancellation and enhanced transparency. They have a wireless charging case that allows them to be charged wirelessly. The new AirPods are available now for $239 at Amazon and Walmart.

The new AirPods are available in two models – the original and the Pro. The AirPods Pro version comes with ANC and a transparent case. It costs the same as the first-generation version, but features such as improved transparency and ANC have been improved. The Pro model also supports personalised spatial audio.

The charging case comes with speakers. There are three small holes next to the Lightning port, and when the battery reaches 100%, it plays a note. This feature is useful for finding your case or buds if you’ve misplaced them. The audio from the case can also be played on a phone.

Apple’s second-gen AirPods have improved talk time, connectivity and Hey Siri support. Unfortunately, the audio quality is not improved enough to make them worth the price. Audiophiles will probably be disappointed with the new AirPods, but there is still enough to tempt buyers.

The second-gen AirPods Pro come with a charging case, extra small eartips, and a Lightning-to-USB cable for charging. It is important to remember that not all devices support USB-C. If your phone doesn’t have the USB-C connector, you’ll have to purchase a USB-C-to-A adapter separately. Fortunately, the case is made from recyclable materials.

The AirPods have the same controls as the original AirPods, but there are a few differences. The new ones are better built, and their controls are more refined. The AirPods Pro are flexible and have a more refined bud design. They also have two pairs of ear tips.

Apple’s second-gen AirPods are also better at blocking outside noise than the first-gen AirPods. However, they still don’t have the same level of clarity as high-end headphones. However, this does not mean that the AirPods are inferior to higher-end headphones.

Apple’s second-gen AirPods feature an upgraded H1 chip that makes them faster and more responsive. The new AirPods also support hands-free Siri activation. The second-generation AirPods can be used as Bluetooth headphones and are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The AirPods can offer you five hours of music playback and up to three hours of talk time. The new AirPods can also be recharged wirelessly using a charging case. The wireless charging case costs $40 and works with most Qi-based wireless charging pads. You can even use the charging case to charge your AirPods while you’re on the go.

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